How Job Seekers Can Upskill Themselves


“Welcome to corporate, it’s going to be tough!” 

“Corporate is not everyone’s cup of tea.”

“You’re not going to be an employee, but just an educated laborer.”

Ever felt disappointed after hearing such comments on the diverse and highly contributing corporate world? 

But what if I told you that the corporate world is often misunderstood, with misconceptions taken too seriously?

Where the truth is worth listening to too, if we put a step ahead towards it, it can shed a thousand more steps ahead with the thousands of notifications you are dreaming of.

All you have to do is “upskill yourself.”

Indeed, while that might not be a new concept, it’s as essential as water is to the human body.

Upskill yourself for the sake of…

  • The passion you pursue
  • Flexible market trends
  • Huge competitive base

Here is how you can do it:

Ask SWOT to save your ship

Well, self-analysis or interpretation of the loopholes we can put ourselves in is very important when designing our careers.

Until and unless you know about the strengths you carry, the weaknesses worth avoiding, the right opportunities to seek, and threats to be cautioned about, you cannot embark on the journey to upskill yourself. 

Do it like this:

Step 1: Strength

The very first step is to cut short the huge forest and get your strengths acknowledged in your grasp.

“Until and unless you know the strengths you possess, you don’t know about the services you can provide.”

For someone, it may be writing and creativity, and for another, it may be creative ideation and management.

Step 2: Weakness 

“You have to be wise to claim your weaknesses.”

Acknowledge your weakness that has to do with your career. Try to manipulate the situation by starting to upgrade yourself and Enhance your skills.

Step 3: Opportunities 

Although, due to the increase in digitalization, plenty of scopes have been discovered, until you know about the filters you have to put across these opportunities, a mind with clarity may grab it instead of you.

Step 4: Threat

You must know what the threats are that are highly likely to come up in your way of building skills and a career. After acknowledging them, one must opt for solutions, which can include upskilling yourself, conducting in-depth research, re-analyzing, etc.

Research like it’s your first job

One of the most important yet most common pieces of advice any job aspirant gets. But indeed, researching for your career is very crucial, as the data and facts help you know about current and future possible market trends and demand, which can help a lot in choosing the right skill for your career.

Although researching is mostly done by surfing the internet, one good tip for the same is to extend the networks and build a healthy communication relationship with them so that you can get to know about the different kinds of corporate experiences and can opt for skills likewise.

Design a realistic mind map

One of the most important skills to have is being realistic. It is very important to keep your seat tightened until you reach your destination. Here, the whole point is to build a strong plan with backup options too.

Try to explore all the career options related to your interests; it will give you a long-term vision and a large scope to embrace more skills to keep on track.

Start learning; you have endless resources

This topic does not need to be introduced, as the subject itself keeps revolving around us, sometimes in our Instagram feed or sometimes in our YouTube notifications.

To learn a new skill, you don’t have to tighten your schedule; you can explore the net and get endless uploads related to your skill, be it prompt engineering or effective communication.

Seek mentorship and guidance

Ever heard those CEOs talk about their habit of reading feedback from their audience or taking advice from various mentors in the same field? It is indeed an important habit to adopt.

It is very significant to seek guidance, from which you can get an honest review and work on yourself.

Taking steps to improve yourself is a better approach than remaining unaware of how others perceive you.”

If people are thinking about your less effective voice modulation, then you should learn the skill of effective communication, and if they think that the presentation could be more crisp, then you

might opt for technical skills.

Go tech-friendly

From the same resource you are reading, this blog is now capable of handling each bit of your career. The most important meeting, giving you suggestions, and extracting enough knowledge about the world.

Hence, it is very important to start working on your technical skills so that you can be technically independent as well as upskilled.

After all, that was the ultimate goal!


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