Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing A Prophet In A Dream

Prophets are known to foretell problems before they happen and in some cases, they also offer solutions on how to tackle the situations. But when we see these prophets in our dream, we already know that a message is being passed to us to safeguard ourselves and our property or for us to quit engaging in activities that will bring reproach to us. But what does it mean when we see these prophets in our dreams?

The spiritual meaning of seeing a prophet in a dream can be understood as a transfer of power, spiritual growth, happiness, warning, and provisions.

You may not have engaged in any activity that would have prompted seeing a prophet in a dream, but this article will guide you to understand the message that is being passed to you in this dream.

Spiritual meaning of seeing a prophet in a dream 

Transfer Power 

The first spiritual meaning of seeing a prophet in a dream is the transfer of power where the prophet has come to your dream to pass onto you the gift of seeing visions and being able to interpret them and also being able to proper solutions.

This meaning is true if the prophet engaged you in a prayer section or handed over a mantle to you. If this is the case for you, you should pray for the gift to manifest in your life.

The transfer of power is not only limited to spiritual gifts, it could also be a physical power. You are about to become powerful and rule your equals and those bigger than you, and the Prophet has only come to prepare you for the next phase of your life.

Spiritual growth 

The state of spiritual growth could be deduced from the spiritual meaning of seeing a prophet in a dream. If you’re weakened spiritually, you will have dreams when a prophet stands and stares at you or hushes you to begin to move fast or pray.

We always downplay our spiritual growth and pass the burden to our partners or parents, but the truth is, life is an individual battlefield and we all have to wield our swords and carry our shields.

A happy moment with a prophet or being anointed by a prophet in the dream shows you are advancing spiritually and God is pleased with you and he is protecting your advancement so that the enemies will not terminate your progress.


In times of great suffering and sorrow, the spiritual meaning of seeing a prophet in a dream is a sign that your pains and afflictions are about to come to an end. The prophets are symbols of good news in your life.

Depending on the context of your dream, the spiritual meaning of seeing a prophet in a dream can also be a wake-up call not to let anyone take your happiness away from you, make peace with all men but don’t be a stooge.


The spiritual meaning of seeing a prophet in a dream is also interpreted as a warning. This warning could come as a result of activities happening in your life.

Prophets could come to warn you about being too free with people. Most of us feel that people who laugh and smile at us care about how we feel or fare, but this is not always the case. People easily get threatened by the progress made in other people’s lives; they either feel you will not be available if you make it bigger than them, or they believe they should be making those headways instead of you. Be careful! Guide your next plans and secrets till it becomes mature.

This warning could also be about your relationship, and the way you treat people who care for you: your father, mother, spouse, friends, and children. If you don’t appreciate people, you will also not be appreciated by people who you expect to appreciate your efforts.


The spiritual meaning of seeing a prophet in a dream is a symbol of God’s provision that is about to take place in your life. You may have finances, but you lack emotional support, you may have been craving physical support and I will like to let you know that God has made those provisions.

Seeing a dead prophet in the dream

Seeing a dead prophet in a dream meaning 

Seeing a dead prophet in your dream means the prophet has deviated from the doctrines and main call of God for his life. Hence, he is dead spiritually. This could also mean the prophet is undergoing a heavy demonic battle, and you were shown this dream so you could intercede for the prophet.

When you see a dead prophet in your dream, you should also be wary of the death of a loved one or a helper, this death will shake and pain you. All you have to do is engage in prayers.

Seeing the Prophet in a dream but not his face 

Seeing a prophet in the dream but only being able to see his face shows stunted spiritual growth. You are not making positive efforts that will aid you to grow.

This dream also symbolizes limitations, your life is about to become limited even in the face of opportunities. This is known as living in a state of blindness.

Dreaming of a prophet giving you money 

This dream refers to a resounding financial breakthrough that is about to shake your foundations. A big help is coming your way and you have never imagined that it’ll be this big. However, you have to protect your favor and joy. Limiting how much information you give people regarding good things in your life.

This dream also means your hard work and effort are about to start yielding fruits, just be consistent and keep doing what you know how to do best.

Final Thoughts 

The spiritual meaning of seeing a prophet in a dream enlightens us on the level of progress we have made regarding growing spiritually, and it also brings a plethora of warnings regarding how we handle activities around our lives. Do you have questions? Feel free to ask and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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