Dreams About Red And Black Snakes

A simple thought of a glimpse of snakes drives fear in many minds. Snakes are thought to be deadly reptiles who kill any human they come in contact with, but that isn’t always the case as snakes will only attack a human if they feel threatened, in most other cases, they will avoid you as much as possible, but what does it mean to see a red and black snake in your dream?

Dreams about red and black snakes foretell the looming disaster of death, you are about to undergo a rebirth, the deception of people around you, unfriendly friends, oppression in multiple aspects of your life, and divine healing.

Snakes are not always a symbol of disaster. So, to interpret your dream in its entirety we have to take cognizance of context, and other symbols present in the dream. Let’s explore!

Dreams about red and black snakes


Dreams about red and black snake bitting you is a sign of Physical death. You are about to experience an accident that will claim your life or you’re about to get involved in a deceitful deal that won’t lead to happiness.

When a death occurs physically most people don’t know they have been walking corpses for a while, never take lightly, a dream in which a snake bit and killed you.

Dream about red and black snake also symbolizes financial death and leaking pockets. This dream is characterized by the snake bitting you in a way you struggle to get help.

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After such dreams, you will begin to experience a decline in your finances, promises, and failure for people to fulfill their promises, working like an elephant and feeding like an ant.


Dream about a red and black snake portends a Personality change if the snake was changing its skin in the dream. There is a need to review your actions and change any form of behavior that hampers good things from manifesting in your life.

Change in the way you have been doing things is what the message of the dream about a red and black snake is all about. The way we go about activities in our lives is what determines the extent we can go in life. A person who lacks consistency, and foresight, is not proactive, and lacks drive will eventually miss lots of opportunities and won’t achieve much as they were meant to.

Review your life and make amends where necessary so you could reach the full potential of your destiny.


Dream about a red and black snake foretells that you’re about to be a victim of a scam. Guide your passwords and personal information, and don’t be quick to reveal yourself or your worth to people as someone is scheming and planning on how to rip you off your hard-earned money.

This person is not necessarily a stranger, it could be someone who you trust so much. Take as much caution as you need and scrutinize every single opportunity that comes your way. Cross-check things thoroughly before jumping into them.

Unfriendly friends 

Dreams about a red and black snake are a revelation of Friends who you trust but won’t think twice before harming you. This is true when you get bitten by a snake that you never saw coming.

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The unfortunate thing is that you won’t see them coming but they will strike with the stealth of pretense and false laughter. Don’t cut off your friends, because no one is an island, but don’t trust any of them either.

Keep your plans discreet and don’t say any good thing that is going on with you except when it has gotten to its maturity stage where you can’t hide it; where it shows itself.


Dreams about red and black snakes depict oppression. Forces beyond you have placed your life under oppression, this can be seen in the level of difficulty you face in trying to get things done.

This dream also reflects a state of Emotional depression that you’re undergoing. You feel emotionally starved of attention and desires which you so much longer and crave.


Although snakes are seen as vile creatures who terrorize people and wreak havoc and disaster they are also agents of divine healing. Snake venom can be used in the treatment of cancer, thrombosis, and lots of other sicknesses.

If you were in pain or if the snake doesn’t harm you in any way, you should be expecting healing in any sickness you’re facing including terminal sicknesses.

Dreams of red and black snake

Dream about red and black snakes chasing you 

When you have a dream about a red and black snake chasing you, you should be wary of the disaster that is about to occur. If the snake caught up with you and bit you, this disaster may not be averted.

Take caution with your gas installations, watch your kids more, and ensure they’re not engaged in plays that could cost them an eye or arm. Be careful with your entire decisions from now onwards.

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Dream about being bitten by red and black snakes 

Dreams about being bitten by a red and black snake depict failure. You’re about to experience failure in your relationships and businesses in which you have invested so much money.

You will equally experience delays in achieving your goals and plans. This will be mainly caused by external forces which you have no control over.


In conclusion, it is clear that the sight of a red and black snake in a dream can carry both negative and positive connotations. Although it can signify a looming disaster of death, it can also be a sign of a spiritual rebirth, divine healing, and the protection of friends. Ultimately, the interpretation of a dream ultimately depends on the context and other symbols present within it.

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