Dream Of Door Slamming Shut – Interpreted!

Count yourself blessed if you could dream and still be able to remember your dreams. A lot of people don’t dream, while the rest don’t remember their dreams.

Dream of door slamming shut means a force or character you possess is preventing your prosperity, and growth of any relationship in your life, causing disappointments and opening doors for demonic oppressions or the state of your protection.

This dream relays warnings regarding activities/events in your life and things that are causing them. You have to also pay attention to other happenings in the dream as this will help you understand the exact meaning of your dreams. Keep reading, as we explore the meaning of your dream.

What Does Dream Of Door Slamming Shut Mean?

Prevention of Prosperity 

When you have a dream of door slamming shut, if it is a warehouse or store room that was shut, it represents the limitation or total lockout of your prosperity and promotion.

Beyond our basic understanding of life and how things work, there are forces that roam the earth and beyond; these forces don’t just move about, they manipulate our beings and events that happen around us–if they find loopholes.

These loopholes can be our character: a person who is afraid to exploit opportunities around them or a person who doesn’t read(reading opens your mind to opportunities) or a person with a repulsive manner of approach/speech will eventually shut doors to their prosperity.

This dream could be a wake-up call for you to review your life and discontinue any habits that will limit the plans of God for your life.

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Beyond your character, these cosmic powers, witches, and satanic agents can manipulate empty vessels(people who are neither left nor right, they don’t have God in them) to block opportunities that should have taken place in your life, And if you are insensitive, they will actualize their plans. 

A dramatic shift in one’s circumstances 

The dream of the door slamming shut also refers to a sudden fall from grace to grass; an upset of a peaceful living and conditions in your life.

If you take no action, some good things you enjoy could suddenly come to an end; this could be the union with your partner/spouse, the comfort you enjoy at your workplace or in your business, and your good health could crumble


This is more of the mindset thing. You are billed for greatness but you don’t even picture yourself as a force that was created to rule your world. You have suddenly become relaxed with earning peanuts compare to what your destiny has to offer you.

The dream of door slamming shut by you or your mistake or a familiar face represents mental restriction. There is no force after you, you need to remove the limitations of your mind so you can be able to harness your well of destiny.


Dream of door slamming shut and trapping you reflects spiritual entrapment: this will lead to your life becoming a playground in the hands of your oppressors. This dream is characterized by you being trapped in a room or a space while struggling to break free.

When you dream of door slamming shut against unidentified figures, beasts, or general stressors; it’s a reflection of your spiritual growth and strength. It implies that your prayer life, sacrifices, or whatever you’re doing to grow and fortify yourself spiritually are yielding fruits.

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Dream of door slamming shut means that you’re going to face disappointment soon in your life. possibly you expecting a financial favor, a promotion in your workplace, or you had a good plan set in place that you thought you were going to actualize. this dream is letting you know that you may experience sudden disappointment.

Not all disappointments we face in life are ordained or set by God, at times in our life, we may unknowingly Usher disappointment into our lives, by telling people of our plans before they become actualized.

Not everybody that listens to you is happy for you, and not everybody around you that you should tell good things is about to happen in your life, because they may mean you no harm, but they carry spirits and demons in them that would hamper any good thing that is told to them.

Demonic oppression 

When you dream about door slamming shut, it could also be a reflection of demonic oppression in your life. Unknown to us, many of us are under the torments of satanic agents who work tirelessly to make sure that we are in pain and Sorrow. This dream should not create fear in you, rather it should elevate you to work against these forces.

Demonic oppression can come in different forms: all of a sudden a spouse that so much respects and revers you become spiteful and rebellious; the same could apply to your kids. if you are unaware of the devices of these demonic forces, you may probably take actions of your spouse, kids and other helpful people around you personally.

The collapse of a relationship 

Dream of you slamming a door shut again a partner means the end of a relationship, and whatever is going to bring an end to this relationship is going to be caused by your actions or inactions.

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Pay more attention to your significant other, grow together in the knowledge of each other, and practice things that bring joy to the both of you. Determine means of resolving conflicts although having to involve a third party or carry anger over the night.

Spiritual meaning of hearing a door slam 

Mathew 25:10, And while they were going away to make the purchase, the bridegroom came, and those who were ready went in with him to the wedding feast; and the door was shut

The spiritual meaning of hearing a door slam represents the state of your spiritual growth, you are probably wasting time to move into the plans of God for your life; you want to please yourself first then lean towards God at the later stage of your life, but this will only lead to an unfulfilled life for you.

Matthew 7:7-8 “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.

The spiritual meaning of hearing a door slam shut Is a call for you to release yourself from things that are holding you back, to fulfill this call will you have to get closer to God, find his will and purpose for your life, then request in accordance with this will for your life.

Final Thoughts on Dream Of Door Slamming Shut

Dream about door slamming shut Exposes the devices of the enemies in your life, from disappointment to a state of total unhappiness and joy. but the good news is that God has given us power over principalities and powers and forces militating against our joy and happiness.

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