Dream About Hands Grabbing Me

I just returned home from a tired day at work and dozed off, I had a dream where someone was trying to grab my hands and dip them into acid, I struggled and got myself freed. Dreams about an unknown hand or figure grabbing you happen to all of us at some point, but the only difference will be the scenery or presence of other symbols.

Dream about hands grabbing me could be interpreted as protection from your spirit guide or protection against a costly mistake. This dream also foretells the advent of reception, and you’re likely to be faced with thieves, and finally, it’s a reflection of your current state of loneliness.

In this article, we are going to delve in deep and unravel the mysteries of this dream.

Dream About Hands Grabbing Me 


When I dream about hands teaching me, I know right there that it’s my spirit guide that is protecting me from forces or energies that can attract destruction or discomfort.

Pay attention to your life; is there any idea or pleasurable thing that you want to venture into this period? This dream is letting you know that it is a bad idea and it won’t end well.

When you dream about hand grabbing you, your relationship is about to take a hit. This is not only about your intimate relationships, this will equally impact financial relationships and relationships that are of high value to you.

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What do you do when you have these dreams? Get a piece of paper, write what you don’t want to happen in your life, and burn the paper and the bad energy around you will be cleared.

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My experience after I had a dream about hands grabbing me was horrible. In my dream, as stated in the introduction of this article, hands that were attached to a body that I couldn’t see were trying to drag and dip my hand into an acid bowl.

Not long after having this dream, I got scammed by my very good friend who I trusted so much. I don’t joke with dreams as I know they are either appraisals that encourage you to keep moving or they are warnings to avoid certain harmful situations that could be avoided.

This friend of mine knows and understands my drive for tech, and he pitched a “nonexistent project”, the regular me would have scrutinized everything, but I felt he was a friend and won’t be scheming. After I handed him the money, he went off the radar and later returned with apologies and lies.

The most significant thing here is that; when I had a dream about hands grabbing me to dip me in acid–it was a warning of an impending mishap. So, if you felt a negative emotion in this dream or if you were being grabbed into something terrible, be watchful of where you go, what you eat, and who you let your secrets out.

Dream About Hands Grabbing Me i


This dream is a pointer that you will experience theft at gun or knife point. You may not be able to avoid it, keep what is precious to you safe, and try not to resist as it may get violent.

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This theft is not only on the physical level, it also depicts the loss of your virtue and favor as a result of negative energy that has gathered cloud over you.

When you sleep with people, they give to you their negative energies and take your positives. Also, when you refuse to forgive people, negative energies gain momentum around you. Renew your mind, review your lifestyle and you will be just fine.


When I had dream about hands grabbing me, the effect was deceit–in my context–plus the presence of other symbols. But when you have dreams of hands grabbing you and taking you into dark and lonely rooms, it is a reflection of your current state of loneliness you’re about to be swallowed by loneliness.

Loneliness takes on different forms as you can be with people and yet, you’re just by yourself. If you’re currently experiencing loneliness, get two candles, we’re your name on one, then speak to the other candle, tell it all you want that would take away your loneliness, then light up the two candles at once and the negative energy of prolonged loneliness will disappear.

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Dream about hands grabbing you is a sign of adversity that you will face. People around you are envious of who you’re becoming. To yourself, you don’t necessarily see what would make anyone envious, but to them, they know where you’re going and they are pained that they don’t have your life.

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They don’t necessarily hate you, but some forces and powers propel people to act the way they do sometimes. Let me explain it this way: these forces cannot harm you directly, they need to work with an idle mind(people around you) to achieve their aims. Don’t take it personally, and don’t cut anyone off, just be careful.

Dream of being grabbed in the dark 

The dream of being grabbed in the dark represents fear. You’re in a state where you fear a lot as a result of past traumas faced or lack of confidence in your judgments.

This fear will limit the length you will go in life, rid your mind of this fear and begin to recite your worth to yourself day and night and you will see how things will change dramatically.

Dream of a man grabbing me 

When you dream of a man grabbing you it shows you are protected from harm, except if you were being kidnapped in that dream. Men are a symbol of protection and provision.

When you dream of a man grabbing you it means you will experience financial growth beyond your projections and plans.

Final Thoughts 

The interpretations of a dream about hands grabbing me can be a bit complex as we have to take into consideration other symbols present in the dream to be able to get the direct message. Feel free to use to comment section to narrate your dreams and we will interpret them for you in no time.

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