Dream About Being Framed For killing someone

Dreams are a powerful aspect of existing, as even if you’re not such a spiritual person, your spirit guide will always use your dreams to communicate events that could have your life and existence.

Dreams about being framed for killing someone mean you will experience loss in different areas of your life, you will be prepared for what you didn’t do in real life, you should be careful of getting poisoned, and you will experience delay in advancing financially.

Dreams with negative meanings shouldn’t scare you. Instead, they should brace you up to challenge the future and avoid terrible outcomes.

Dreams about being framed for killing someone

Most times, dreams may be referring to a family member or a close person; this is why all symbols available in the plan are essential to get an accurate interpretation. Feel free to use the comment section and narrate your dreams so we can give you a detailed understanding.


You will experience a dent in your reputation for an act you didn’t commit, be careful about how you deal with people, as a dream about being framed for killing someone is about to set you up in your workplace or family, which will lead to a dent in your reputation. You may not be able to remedy the situation.

This dream also reflects the loss in business, or if you gamble, you will waste lots of money this period without getting anything in return. As you already know, the loss is preventable since you will cause it.

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Delay in financial growth

When you dream about being framed for milling someone, it may be your current state or future happening; you will keep experiencing delays in deals or promises that are aimed at making you money.

This delay is going to make you frustrated as if someone else engages in this activity, they will get to reap lots of financial benefits, but despite how much effort you put in, you won’t be able to make out much.

This kind of bad luck is caused by negative energies that surround you; if you find it hard to forgive people, you should learn to let go so things can become better for you. Likewise, if you keep tooling with people’s hearts, you could suffer for a long while.


This dream also reflects your guilt about something you may have gotten involved with, and the fear of being caught at last keeps haunting you.

If you have done anything that could lead to harm or trouble to people around you, be sure to rectify it; cause danger is looming.

You will be framed

When you have this dream, you will actually be framed for something you didn’t do. You should be careful of the company you keep as someone who you trust so much is about to set you up with what you know nothing about.

This will start as a friendly call to escort them to a place, or for you to go out with them, they then will set you up for destruction.

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I had a friend who is of African descent, he drowned and died some years back, but how did this happen? He is always quick to trust and let himself go, he felt he was free and an open book that anyone could enjoy being around, but this backfired, and I always warned him.

He is from a wealthy family, and this made him have a lot to spend, of course, girls will always come around. We will do video calls and chat from time to time, I will tell him to be careful and he will always laugh and tell me I am paranoid.

He had a dream of being set up and his hands were tied behind him, I explained the dream to him and told him that having friends will bring about his death, but he wouldn’t listen.

On the sad faithful day, he went to the pool to relax with 3 of his male friends, and all was going fine as usual, before one asked him to come swim, while they were swimming and all that, he got stuck in the deeper side of the pool and he kept waving for help but was ignored by his friend and he eventually died. This sad incident was revealed by the hotel’s CCTV footage. I am still sad today.

But this show that you shouldn’t take your dreams lightly, they are messages from your spirit guide, and when you get an interpretation, you should strictly adhere and carry out necessary actions.

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You should also be careful of being poisoned when you dream about being framed for killing someone, as the meaning of the dream is not literal and someone the turn of events is the other way round where you will get poisoned by a loved one and the blame will be shifted to someone else.

Don’t be relaxed with the security of your food and drinks, but do not be afraid, just be observant and take nothing for granted.

What does it mean when you dream of murdering someone?

When you dream of murdering someone it’s a sign of victory, victory over your enemies, sickness, affliction, and death. It depends on what you were murdering; if it’s a dark figure, that is victory over death and sickness, if it’s someone you know, that’s likely victory over familiar spirits and witchcraft.

You should also be careful not to let your tempers fly during this period to avoid killing someone and getting into trouble. Avoid any form of physical confrontation.

Final Thoughts

Dream about being framed for killing someone is not a dream you should take lightly, but you shouldn’t be paranoid either… Just make sure not to play into the plans of anyone who is trying to ruin your life in one way or the other, and if there’s anyone you’ve offended, you should consider making peace.

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