Dream About Another Girl Trying To Steal Boyfriend

Dreaming of someone we love in distress or about to betray us can be unsettling, evoking lots of negative thoughts. Usually, these dreams will come as a result of our suspicious thoughts in our waking lives, or our general state of insecurity. But in some other cases, this dream has meanings that are not on the surface, rather, you have to dig deep to understand the message your dream is trying to convey.

Dream about another girl trying to steal boyfriend refers to loss, your current state of insecurity, betrayal from an angle you’re not expecting, and the need to discover yourself.

In the following passages, we will take a critical analysis of your dream in multiple contexts to get the message your dream is trying to convey.

Dream about another girl trying to steal boyfriend


Dream about another girl trying to steal boyfriend refers to financial loss. You’re about to lose some money or opportunities. A man symbolizes stability, security and wealth, so losing a man or being about to lose one is a sign that your financial stability and security are about to be lost.

You are also about to Lose what you cherish so much, a friend, relative, your phone, joy, happiness. You are also about to have issues in your current relationship. Issues that will sever the ties you have with your boyfriend. So, close every lapse on your side and ensure you ain’t the cause of your boyfriend walking away.


Dream about another girl trying to steal boyfriend also means that You don’t feel secure in your relationship. Hence, your subconscious is playing out your thoughts. Most times, events we get scared of keep on happening, and usually feel so surreal in our dreams.

A user once shared her dream with me about how she always keeps on having dreams where her boyfriend gets to cheat on her or where someone keeps trying to steal her boyfriend away. So, I decided to ask her a few questions to interpret the dreams accurately.

I asked her about the current state of her relationship, if her boyfriend cares or if he freely cheats. She said he doesn’t give her any reason to doubt what he professes to her, but he easily attracts women as a result of his build and charisma. I equally enquire about other symbols, events, or things that occur in these dreams.

Eventually, I discovered her case wasn’t because her boyfriend was about to leave her or cheat, rather, it was a reflection of her numerous fears. After she narrated the most recent dream she had where her boyfriend was standing with a girl, and she rushed over and slapped him–I told her that the relationship is about to crash because of her insecurities. And the relationship eventually crashed three months later, because he could no longer bear her possessing nature which comes as a result of her insecurities.

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Dream about another girl trying to steam boyfriend portends that You’re about to be betrayed by someone you are not expecting. This could be your friend, parents, or someone close to you.

A reader once shared a dream about a red and black snake attacking him and just like this dream, I warned him of betrayal that will come from a very close source. We kept in touch over a few months and we discovered his junior brother wanted to get him into a deal that would have made him go bankrupt. So, in a dream where someone you know steals your boyfriend, you should know betrayal is on the way from someone close.


Dream about another girl trying to steal boyfriend symbolizes the need for you to Improve your personality. Most of us have rotten personalities and we back it up with the sluggish claim of “he should love me like that”. If you’re the type that argues a lot, never listens, nags a lot, and loose. You will certainly lose the person you care about to someone else. Your dream is a warning for you to heed and modify your negative personality.

Also, you need to engage in activities that will make you not to be entirely dependent on someone emotionally. Worrying that your boyfriend will leave you for someone else could make you out up acts that will eventually cause him to leave you for someone else. Take courses that will help you discover your self-worth and teach you varying levels of emotional intelligence.

Dream about friend stealing boyfriend 

Dream about friend stealing boyfriend 

If you dream about your friend stealing your boyfriend, you should learn to keep personal things or your next moves, or your progress private. You are surrounded by friends who may love you but are manipulated by forces that have no control over you (forces that don’t want you to be happy).

Have you noticed that once you say a good thing that is about to happen,  it doesn’t get to happen again? This is the effect of these forces, they are like listening ears that can’t access your mind, but rely on what you say to know how next to attack you.

You should also be careful of betrayal from your boyfriend. This is not necessarily cheating, but he could go to a length where you never expected that he will.

Dream my boyfriend left me for another woman 

This may be a result of your thoughts, if you keep on entertaining the thought that your boyfriend will leave you for another woman, you will keep on having these dreams.

In absence of having thoughts that could provoke these dreams, your dream could be a reflection of your boyfriend’s thoughts. He might have tried so much to get you to discontinue a habit that he feels would threaten the relationship in the long haul, but you have been adamant. This will cause him to entertain the thought of moving on. Review your life and actions and tell yourself the truth about places where you need to make modifications.

Final thoughts 

Dream about another girl trying to steal boyfriend doesn’t necessarily mean that your boyfriend will be snatched from you in reality, it could be a reflection of your thoughts.

It could also mean that your boyfriend is no longer comfortable with some attitudes you’re displaying and he may have directly or indirectly passed the memo to you, but you’re just not getting it.

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