Biblical Meaning of Wasps In Dreams – Dissected

According to Wikipedia, a wasp is neither a bee nor an ant, however, any insect belonging to the Hymenoptera’s narrow-waisted suborder Apocrita is referred to as a wasp. So you encountered one of these insects in your dream, it was really disgusting, and now you are very interested in finding out what the biblical meaning of wasps in dreams could be.

Although I do not believe the bible mentions wasps, spiritually minded people will always associate things with wings, such as birds, bugs, and even wasps, with messengers and carriers of messages from one place to another, from the earth to the sky, and vice versa. So we would be looking at the biblical meaning of wasps in dreams from the eye of the spiritual mind rather than the bible, as there is no mention of wasps in the bible.

Symbolism of wasps

Usually, wasps tend to be associated with action or as messengers. let’s imagine that you are sitting on your balcony and notice a colony of wasps at a corner hunting for a nest or even something to eat, would you just sit there and wait till you are attacked? Well, I would say no, because that would be very unwise of you. Now that is what we mean by taking action.

Your dream about wasps or even a sighting of them in your surroundings could just be telling you to take action because merely sitting around while having a great idea is not going to lead you anywhere, or even help you reach your goal. What you need is a plan and also a line of action, because you also deserve to have your dreams become a reality.

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Biblical meaning of wasps in dreams

As we said in our introduction, there was hardly any mention of the wasp as a creature in the bile, however, there are different meanings that have been given to the sightings of wasps in dreams by spiritually minded people. some of which will be discussed below with related context.

Evil communication/ spirit of gossip

“Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.” -1 Corinthians 15;33

In ancient times, men and women of old would always associate things with wings, such as bees, wasps, and birds, as a means of communication from one place to another; however, Christians hardly used birds as a means of communication, so this was used mainly during wars, or to pass secret messages.

Seeing wasps in your dreams could be a warning from God that you have been talking too much and that your mouth has been too busy, as you have been engaging yourself in the sharing of information that adds no value to your life nor does it increase your love for God. Depending on the context of your dream, the spiritual meaning of wasp in the dream might just be a warning, for you to stay away from a certain group of people or some kinds of conversations that do not glorify the name of the Lord.


Depending on what you did to the wasp in your dream, for example, if you killed a wasp in your dream, it foretells that you have a warrior inside of you and that you have the ability to face any form of danger or adversity that the enemy tries to bring your way. Killing wasps in your dreams indicates that whatever battle you’ve been fighting is about to end because you have won the victory over them. Your dream is a good omen.

Destroying wasp nests in your dream symbolizes your determination to defeat everyone who has offended their way into your life with a sense of purpose and determination. You will also courageously use ethics like a blade to defend yourself from any prospective adversaries.

If you have an encounter with wasps in your dream, it could mean that you have a fearless attitude toward everything and everyone,  commanding the respect of others; regardless of who you may offend or harm in the process, you will always stand up for what is right without fear.

biblical meaning of wasps in dreams -

Overwhelming feeling

An encounter with a colony of wasps or even a bee is enough to irritate and scare you out of your mind, whether in a dream or in your waking life. If you happen to dream about wasps, and I mean a lot of wasps, depending on your feelings in the dream, it could mean that you have been feeling some kind of overwhelming fear towards a situation, person, or task in your life, and you cannot wait to get out of that situation in one piece.

The biblical meaning of wasp in dreams in this context is a reminder you need to react to your problems and other situations with a level of courage and not fear. Yes,  you might be scared of the outcome of the situations in your life, but it is very wise that you just pay attention and look past the wasps to what God is really showing you, because only then can you see it. When you look beyond your fears and face your challenges head-on, you may be shocked at how everything might turn out.

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Potential danger

Look here, Imagine you see a hive of bees coming your way, Would you stand there and wait till you’re stung? I’d advise that you shouldn’t because the end might not be funny. A sighting of a colony of wasps heading toward you in your dream is a sign of potential danger in your life. Your dream means that you should put more effort into paying attention to your surroundings, the people around you, and your involvement in things that can come back to haunt you.

Perhaps, there is something that you may have done in the past that is coming back to bite you, or there are people in your life that are currently mobilizing themselves and even others to put you in a kind of situation that you may not come out of.

Final thoughts

Remember that no two dreams are the same, and your dreams can open your eyes to more details about your future or even your past, so sometimes there is more to your dream than you think. Yes, an encounter with a wasp or wasps can be startling and scary both in your dreams and in your waking life, All you need to do is to be brave.


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