Biblical Meaning of Taking Pictures In a Dream

Taking pictures can become so addictive, once you start taking pictures, you never want to stop. Our smartphones have made it even more addictive as we have to take pictures to keep our social media “fans” updated on what we are engaged in or how we look presently. But when taking pictures occurs in the dream, what does the Bible have to say?

The Biblical meaning of taking pictures in a dream symbolizes the need to adopt more courage in all situations you may find yourself in. Also, reflect on your past mistakes, correct them and avoid doing the same thing all over again. This dream is also a pointer that you need to take care of your appearance and appreciate yourself more.

Unraveling the mysteries of our dreams makes life easier for us, as God has a way of conveying messages that will help us navigate every life events we face. So, consider yourself lucky if you can dream and equally remember your dreams. Let’s explore the meaning of your dreams below.

Biblical meaning of taking pictures in a dream 


Genesis 1:26 says, Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and the cattle and all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

The biblical meaning of taking pictures in a dream is a wake-up call for you to adopt the courage of your creator. I don’t know what you’re faced with or what you’re about to face in your life, but you need not be afraid of the courage to handle that situation that has been mounted on you.

A reader once sent in a request for me to interpret her dreams around 6 months ago. She said she had a dream where she was a model and was having a studio shot. We got to discuss this further then I found out that she has been going through hell in her marriage; her husband never made her see any good in herself, he was always complaining over the most trivial things.

She said he even shouts at her if their kids get to break dishes or spoil anything. He wasn’t physically abusive, but verbally and emotionally, he is a terror.

I explained to her the meaning of her dream in light of the context and other symbols present. I tried to make her understand the message of her dream, which is for her to discover her self-worth.

Glory be to God that a few months after this encounter, she has gotten up and running, and revisited her long-abandoned skill of making dresses. Then I gave her the key to dealing with emotional manipulators “ignore them and act like you’re not pained, so they don’t feed off your agony–making them frustrated and pained.” it has worked perfectly so far. Draw a note from this story, and if you’re lacking courage or self-esteem it’s time to do those things that make you feel proud of ourself and don’t forget that God is rooting for you.

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Stop repeating past mistakes 

Our pictures are more like a way we store memories and moments that were pleasurable or not. Most time when we take a photo, we look at it, and if it’s not the way we want it to be, we get to take another one.

The biblical meaning of taking pictures in a dream symbolizes the need for you to reflect on your past actions, character, and way of living that has not led to anything good, and begins to do away with them to avoid going in circles. Isaiah 43:18, “remember ye, not the former things, neither consider the things of old.”

Take care of your appearance 

The biblical meaning of taking pictures in a dream is also a pointer that you need to start taking good care of your physical appearance.

Most of us don’t make efforts in beautifying the body that God gave us. General body care, fingers, mouth, ear, navel, eyes, skin, and even our organs. You should be always proud of your appearance as you will have a positive energy that will attract positive things to you.

Biblical Meaning of Taking Pictures In a Dream recap

Dreaming about someone taking a photo of you 

When you have a dream about someone taking a photo of you, you should begin to expect favor from all angles. Glory has begun to shine on you. If you have been experiencing difficulties in making headway in life you will start having things work easier for you.

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Taking blurred pictures in the dream meaning 

When you have dreamed of taking blurred pictures it symbolizes relationship hurdles. Your partner is no longer feeling you. You need to spice up things in your relationship or it’s going to take a downhill turn.

Being in a blurry photograph reflects your lonely feeling. You’re feeling lonely, and no one understands you just enough to make you feel relieved of your anxieties.

Taking clear pictures in the dream 

Taking clear pictures means divine direction over your life. You will begin to figure out your purpose for being alive. If you we’re usually confused before this moment, you will notice a sudden will that aids you to grow from position to position.

Taking clear pictures In the dream also means you should become more sincere and straightforward in your activities.

Final Thoughts

The biblical meaning of taking pictures in the dream hint at the need for you to become more conscious of your physical appearance and take care of yourself, people will only appreciate you as much as you’re willing to appreciate yourself.

For a more personal interpretation of your dream, feel free to write us a comment and we will graciously interpret your dreams and unravel their messages.

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