Biblical Meaning Of Stairs In Dreams

A staircase is a piece of furniture that connects one floor to another. Having this understanding in mind it is obvious that in the dream seeing a staircase is like seeing a connection, usually from a place of a lower level to a higher one.

Summarily, seeing a staircase in the dream simply means that for you to get to your place of destination there are several steps that you are going to take to get there. However, in this article we are going to be expanding on this idea and also trying to show you other possible meanings. So read along so that we can learn this together. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Stairs 

In the realm of the spirit, stairs are very important. They serve as a connection from one destination to another. Simply put, if you want to achieve your destiny, if you want to become something great in life, you should take the appearance of stairs in your dreams seriously. 

Positive Meaning Of Stairs In Dreams 

In this section of this article we are going to be looking at the positive meanings of stairs and dreams. The idea here is to examine the meaning of stairs in dreams, especially after you successfully climb to the top of the stairs.

1. Fulfillment of Destiny

When you successfully navigate to the top of the stairs in your dream it’s an indication that you have reached your destination and you have fulfilled your destiny. 

Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him, and he will act. 

Psalm 37:5

Even during your waking life, you’ll realize that ascending to the top of a stairs is no simple task. Thus, achieving this feat in a dream, even if it’s merely a dream, serves as a significant indication that you have fulfilled your destiny.

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2. Victory Over Your Enemies 

Another meaning of seeing stairs in dream after ascending to the top is that God is about to give you victory over your enemies. 

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Perhaps, you’ve been struggling with some crushing defeats in your relationships, professional life and whichever aspect of your life. Well, through this dream, God is telling you that the victory is yours. Simply persist and refuse to give up and soon, just as you saw yourself at the top of the stairs in the dream, you’d find yourself rejoicing over your enemies. 

3. God Has Answered Your Prayers 

Another meaning that I will want to explore is that of answered prayers. Seeing a stairs in your dream is likely to mean that God has answered your prayers. God has finally heard you. 

This is because, first of all, a staircase is a symbol of progress and a symbol of help, especially regarding moving from one level to another. Therefore a picture of a staircase in your dream couldn’t be clearer: God has decided to come to your aid and present you with the much-needed help you need to move to the next level. 

Perhaps you have been praying for this for so long to be encouraged because God has answered your prayers! 

4. Marital Connection 

Are you looking for a wife or a husband? Have you been through so many failed relationships and heartbreaks? Well, this vision of stairs in your dream could mean that the right one for you, the right person for you, is just around the corner.

The stairs could be representing a bridge; a link, a common ground connecting the two of you. So if you saw this in your dream then this is a call to be encouraged. God is linking you up with the one that is meant for you and making you forget all your sorrow and pain.

5. God is With You in the Journey of Your Life 

This interpretation should be quite straightforward, as it aligns with the comforting words found in the Bible, assuring us that God will never abandon us. The presence of stairs in your dream can be seen as God’s way of providing reassurance, especially if you’ve been feeling disheartened lately. It’s like God is conveying the message that He is by your side and will never leave you or forsake you.

This dream experience is reminiscent of the encounter Jacob had in the Bible when he dreamed of a ladder connecting heaven and earth, with angels ascending and descending. At the conclusion of that encounter, God reminded Jacob that He was with him and would always be with him. Similarly, the same message is meant for you, reaffirming that God’s presence and support are constant in your life.

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Negative Meaning Of Stairs In Dreams

Seeing stairs in your dream can carry a positive meaning as we have seen, but it also carries a few negative meanings. 

Usually, the emotions you experience during your night reverie can be a way of telling if the dream is good or bad. For instance, if you were feeling frightened and afraid or if you woke up out of what seemed like a nightmare or if you saw yourself descending the stairs, then most likely your dream is not a good one. In which case consider these interpretations. 

1. Foundational Issues

Foundational powers and issues patterns and troubles, usually sponsored by demons and wicked spirits, that have plagued a family for a long time usually over a couple of Generations and now are also disturbing you.

So many instances of this in the Bible that it is hard to make reference to all of them. But one or two will not be so bad. Take for instance, the very fallen nature of man. This is something we all derived from Adam, our common ancestor. 

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Isaiah 41:10

When you wake up from a dream about the stairs and you see yourself climbing down instead of up, it’s possible that foundational powers are dragging you down to levels where you have already passed. Face this squarely in prayers.

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2. Chain of Stagnancy 

Another worry about the bad meaning of seeing staircases in dreams is that it might mean there is a terrible chain of stagnancy around you.

What this simply means is that if you find yourself simply hung on the staircase without climbing up or even going down again there’s something wrong. Perhaps there is something in your life that is keeping you in one spot. 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3:5-6

What to do in this case is to take a close introspection and check if in your waking life, there is something that is affecting your progress and movement and then face this in prayers.

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3. Evil Gate 

Ever heard of evil gates? Normally, staircases lead to gates. Therefore, if you find a gate shut against you at the top of your staircase in your dream, it simply means that the gate is an evil gate.

This is especially so if you wake up from that dream with feelings of dread and sorrow. it simply means that you were trying to enter the gate but there was no way for you to get in.

What to do is simply battle that gate with prayers and watch God open them up for you. 

4. Satanic Embargo 

Another bad meaning of a dream about stairs is that it might represent a satanic embargo placed upon a life hopefully not yours. 

In this dream scenario you would often find yourself going up the stairs and coming back down just like in a repeat. 

It’s as if you want to make progress but can’t because of a satanic impediment that you can’t overcome with your own strength, you’re limited. 

That is why we have Jesus to help us overcome any satanic influence. In my personal life, I remember scenarios like this. But I also remember that the Bible tells us that Jesus came to destroy the works of darkness. As a result, even this unfortunate interpretation cannot stand up to the name and power of Jesus Christ. 

5. Witchcraft Attack 

Finally a dream about stairs can be an indication that there is a witchcraft gathering over you.

You may be wondering how this works, so let me explain. 

If you are overcome with fear even approaching the stairs to climb them in your dream, it could mean that your spirit rejects those stairs and does not want anything to do with them. There is no clearer indication that this is a devilish plan. 

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So finally we’ve come to the end of this article and I hope that you have been able to get something. As we clearly see, the dream about the stairs could be positive or negative depending on the emotions you felt and whether you are climbing up the stairs or not. 

Compare what you feel or what you experience in your waking life with what you saw in your dream. It would give you a good idea if that dream is a good dream and then act accordingly. I wish you the best of luck. 


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