Biblical Meaning Of Knife In A Dream

The knife (or its variant, the sword) is used very often in scripture to symbolize several things ranging from death, destruction, division and conflict. Beyond this, many people have also reported dreams associated with knives. These dreams can have a myriad of interpretations, depending on the context and what happens in the dream. 

That being said, this article will focus on exploring the biblical meaning of knives in dreams. We are going to explore different scenarios as well as the psychological meanings of knives in dreams. So, if you’ve ever had this dream or know someone who has (or are just curious about what it might mean), then you’ve come to the right place. Read carefully to the end as we explain the meaning of your knife-dream. 

Different Scenarios Involving Knife Dreams 

Let’s explore the different scenarios that involve knife dreams. As you read through it’s my hope that you find yours or the one that’s closest in resemblance to yours. 

Dream About a Bloody Knife 

A bloody knife usually means that it was used as a weapon to either inflict injury on or kill something. Usually in the Bible, knives were bloodied as a result of using it to kill the sacrificial animals that were used to cleanse or consecrate. 

Knives were also bloodied when used for the covenant of circumcision. In both instances, we discover that a bloody knife was the result of an act of service or worship to God. Therefore, that said, a dream about a bloody knife could mean that God is calling you back to worship him. It could be that God is saying, “Come, I’ve got something good for you.” 

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Dream About Getting Stabbed By a Knife

If in your dream, you see yourself getting stabbed, it could mean one of two things. First, it could be a direct spiritual attack aimed at your physical life. I know of someone who was attacked with a knife in the dream and when she woke up, she saw some scratches where she had been attacked. I told her that it was a clear spiritual attack and she needed to pray for her physical life. 

Secondly, a knife attack in your dream could also signal and indicate upcoming betrayal. Most of us are familiar with the metaphor of a betrayal as a stab. This dream may be coming to warn you to be careful of those to whom you entrust your secrets and rely on. Remember, the theme of betrayal also runs through the scriptures. Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus (Matthew 26:47–49), Jacob betrayed his brother Esau (Genesis 27:14–29), Absalom betrayed his father David (2 Samuel 15), and Joseph’s brothers betrayed him (Genesis 37:12–36). These people were symbolically stabbed by those whom they trusted. 

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Dreaming About Getting Chased With Knife 

Getting chased with a knife in your dream can mean several things. Perhaps you’re overwhelmed with feelings of fear, insecurity and anxiety or perhaps it is a spiritual attack by the enemy. 

Whatever the case, this dream is calling you to proactively face whatever challenges you are going through and battle them to a stop. 

Dreaming About Being Attacked by a Knife 

Knives are generally seen as objects of destruction and violence. That being said, if you see yourself being attacked by a knife-wielder in a dream it means that there’s a chance that a tragic event is coming your way.

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This kind of dream should also make you reflect: are there people that you have offended in the past who are likely seeking vengeance against you? This dream could be an indication that your mind and heart is not at ease and could be calling you towards reconciliation. 

Furthermore, it can indicate that there’s also something more sinister at work. Perhaps there’s a spiritual power at work, trying to attack you. In any case, this dream is calling you to seek peace and reconciliation over past grievances and to also pray earnestly against spiritual attacks on your life. 

Other Meanings of Seeing a Knife in Dream


Besides hacking, slashing and cutting, a knife is also a tool for shaping. Arrow tips and many other similar crafts are sharpened and shaped using a knife. Therefore, we can safely surmise that not all appearances of knives in your dream are evil. 

Depending on the context of your dream and the accompanying emotions, a knife could be a tool for shaping your life, future and destiny. This interpretation suggests that they’re some things in your life that need to be cut off, and this knife is going to be used to do this. 

That being said, this is likely a call from your subconscious mind to actively shape your life or it could be a revelation from God that he’s cutting away unwanted parts and pieces from your life. 

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Impending Conflict 

A knife is also a tool that elicits and evokes feelings of conflict during tense situations. In the heat of an argument people have been known to suddenly and impulsively attack the ones opposing them with knives to devastating effect. 

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Thus, this dream may be warning you about your impulsive nature and urging you to remain calm in heated debates. Again, there could be a prophetic element to this. Perhaps an incident will occur in your life that will put your resolve to allow peace to be tested. This dream is most likely occurring at an appropriate time to warn you to remain calm. 

Protection and Power

Finally, seeing a knife in a dream could represent protection and power. This is no surprise as knives are usually employed either as a weapon of attack or self defense. This meaning is likely the most appropriate if in your dream, you’re the one wielding the knife. 

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Knives like guns and many other weapons are amoral and typically take on the morality of the one who wields it. Likewise the appearance of knives in your dream can mean different things based on the context and circumstances surrounding the dream. 

The best way to react to this dream though is to seek God in prayers and look for the interpretation that best relates to and resonates with you. Also, remember the value of sharing your experience with others to also help guide you through this period. 

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