Biblical Meaning Of Ceiling In Dream

A ceiling is the overhead surface that is covering the structures of the roof and the room. It is that surface that protects your from the scorching sun, rain and snow. Depending on the action and type of ceiling you see in your dream, the biblical meaning of ceiling in dream could differ.

To understand the biblical meaning of ceiling in dream, you will have to open up your mind to several possibilities, on this post, we work with more than one context, and you may just relate to one of them.

Spiritual Covering

A roof or ceiling to a lay man means a covering over their head. “i just want a roof over my head”, you must have heard or even used this statement once or twice. When we talk about a roof or ceiling, we are referring to a covering over our head, where we run to for protection and shelter.

Under the roof, we feel safe, because neither the Rain nor the scorching sun can touch us there. Now if you had a dream where you had to run out to hide out under a roof or ceiling, or you just kept staring at the ceiling in your room, the biblical implication is either your desire to feel safe and you have found peace with God, wherefore you feel protected, or you are feeling some sort of fear, Maybe you think that covering may not be there one day, I like to tel you that would never be the case, because God is always watching over his children.

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To dream of a ceiling can stand for God’s protection and covering over your life. It might also be a sign of your spiritual ascent from one level to another. If in your dream, your ceiling just starts to collapse all of a sudden, this can be a harbinger for loss. Your dream could mean that the covering of the family, like the head of the family might fall pretty soon and the family may become vulnerable to the devices of the enemies. It could be physical, emotional and even spiritual.

Biblical Meaning Of Ceiling In Dream.


Jeremiah 29:11-

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

I remember when my Dad was trying to build his house, he would always tell me that the roofing of a house was just as delicate as the foundation of the house itself. When your foundation is good, and you don’t top it off with a matching ceiling, there is no guarantee that your house will be admired because no one really sees the foundation, but the ceiling is what shows off the house.

The biblical meaning of ceiling in a dream signifies beautification or completion of something that God has started in your life. For example, you find yourself in a house that the roof is being worked on, Your dream is Gods way of telling you that you are still a work in progress, and he is going to finish his good works in your life.

If you happen to see a beautiful and large ceiling, this means that the finished product would be one beautiful one that would be admired by many, so my advice?? Get prepared for your Miracle, it’s going to be big.

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Barriers/ constraints

I am a fan of making use of the full context of our dreams to determine exactly what the dream would have been trying to convey to us. While the dream of ceiling may mean something positive to one, it could mean just the opposite to another person.

For example, you had a dream where you kept trying to climb up, but there was always a ceiling on top of you that kept stopping you from getting to the other side, this kind of dream means that there are some barriers or constraints on you or your life that has been stopping you from getting out of a tough situation, or even reaching your full potential.

Now these barriers may have nothing to do with witchcraft, it could as well be your thoughts, the attitude with which you approach life, your opinions and even your emotions. These things can act as the roof or ceiling blocking you from achieving your set goal of success.

Your dream of Ceiling could also carry a spiritual message, maybe it’s trying to tell you that there is a barrier working against the relationship you have with God, this barrier could be sin, terrible attitude and so on. The biblical meaning of ceiling in dream in this case is a sign that you need repentance, you need to change your ways, to regain that access that the children of God have been promised.


If you had a dream where you saw yourself on top of a ceiling with nowhere else to go except down, t biblical implication just like the life of David, is an indication that you have gotten to a level of success that you never really saw yourself getting to.

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However if something bad happens in the dream, it means that you have to be careful so you can stay on top for longer, or else you may just find yourself back on the ground.

If you are scared of being on the ceiling in dream, it means that you are scared that there maybe nothing to improve on in your life, and you are confused on where to go from there. The bible said , “Fear not for I am with you always”, God is with you through it all, and I’m sure that with his direction, you are certainly going to get it right.

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We hope that with the our explanation of the biblical meaning of ceiling in dreams, you have been able to learn a thing or two about your dream of ceiling. If not you can always check out our leaking roof post for further research.

Remember to always go to God when you are confused about the meanings of your dreams, and if your dream seems to have shaken you a bit, you can always visit a professional, like a therapist, or your spiritual head, and ask them for help.

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