Biblical Meaning Of Being Strangled In Dream

Being strangled is a very dangerous pattern that abusers like to use to control their victims, to feel more powerful, and to intimidate their victims. Strangulation is one of a thousand ways to kill or be killed, and anyone who is a victim of strangulation by their partner or someone around them should try to get out because they are in greater danger of being killed in the future.

This act can be done in different ways: with one or both hands, with a rope, clothes, a pillow, or anything that can be used to put pressure across the throat. To have dreams such as that of being strangled can be very disturbing, however, you can put your mind at ease and learn what the biblical meaning of being strangled in dream is.

Someone tried to strangle you in a dream, what does it mean?

Although the interpretation given here might not be related to your own dreams because, obviously, dreams are 100 percent individual, all the scenarios may be different from those of another person. This is the reason why people should learn to not interpret dreams based on just one symbol, but on every symbol and little detail that occurs in the dream.

Anyways, dreaming about being strangled is not rare, as many people tend to experience it, even if they do it from different angles and ways. However, looking at the surface, a dream about being strangled by someone or even yourself may be your subconscious telling you to relax. Your dreams about being strangled may symbolize your hectic everyday life or your work life, which pose a threat to your life.

A basic meaning of your strangling dream is that you are simply tired and cannot seem to take it anymore. You are literally suffocating, whether from a relationship, situation, or work, and you cannot seem to wait to get out.

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Biblical meaning of being strangled in dream

For many who never stop thinking that their dreams are a message from God to them—I mean those who think that every single dream has a very deep meaning and should not be looked at face value—and who prefer to go above and beyond to find out what the biblical meaning of being strangled in a dream means, rather than ignoring it, some interpretations of your dream have been given below with relatable examples. These interpretations, however, are entirely dependent on how your dreams occur, such as the dream’s context.

 so that I prefer strangling and death,
rather than this body of mine.- job 7 vs 15

In the above passage, Job was going through a very difficult phase in his life, and was lamenting about how the day goes swiftly past him and the night torments him with frightening dreams and terrible visions to the extent that he would prefer to be strangled and even die rather than feel the pain he feels when he’s awake.

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To be strangled in a dream is not a good omen, and it is not a sign that you have joy in your waking life. You wish you weren’t awake some days because life is just too difficult to bear. Here are some of the biblical meanings of being strangled in dream;

Demonic oppression

Biblical meaning of being strangled in dream h

Before Job became so painfully sad in Job 7:15, he had already gone through a lot in his life. He was a rich man who had lost his family and all his wealth in less than a day, and his friends and wife were even telling him to denounce God and die. As a Christian, you must have heard the story of Job on more than one occasion.

The devil had tried all he could to harm Job, but he was too faithful to God, and so he was under the protection of God. The bottom line is that God gave the devil an opportunity, and he used that opportunity to frustrate Job up until this point, when the man of God chose death over life. To dream about being strangled means that you are currently under demonic oppression that you cannot seem to come out from.

One biblical meaning of being strangled in a dream is that there is some sort of demonic oppression or shackles over your life, and the main purpose of this is to stop you from thriving or doing well in life, and until you break away from such torment, you may not be able to move forward in life, resulting in stagnancy. It’s time to go back to your father and on your knees, because if there is a man to pray, there is a God to answer.

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Difficult Trials/Challenges

Another biblical meaning of being strangled in dream foretells difficult trials or challenges. A dream where you are being strangled shows or tells of the difficult times that are either ahead of you or that you are currently in and do not think that you may be able to get out of.

Your dream of being strangled does not necessarily mean that you or someone is going to die. What it could mean is that either you or someone close to you is either in a tough situation now or is going to be in the near future. This time might prove to be one of the most difficult times in the life of the dreamer; however, as long as you find a way to defeat the strangler, or you escape, it means that even though it might not seem like it, you will come out of it with celebration.

Weak spiritual life

My mom would always tell me that when my spiritual mind is awake and alive, I can defeat whatever it is that tries to attack me in my dreams, and honestly, I believe it. To dream of being strangled means that your spiritual life is going down the drain and you need to wake up. The enemy has seen that you are sleeping and would really love to take advantage of that. If you do not wake up now and work on your spiritual life again, believe me, they are ready to finish you off. so get back to studying God’s word and praying.

Dreaming About Being Choked

Dreaming of choking can be a powerful symbol for two important aspects of your life: regrets about past beliefs, ideas, and habits, and feeling pressured and overwhelmed in your current situation. Your dream’s vivid imagery reflects deeper emotions and underlying concerns.

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Choking in a dream may represent regret over old beliefs, ideas, and habits that have hampered your personal growth and progress. Perhaps you were already aware of the negative actions, environments, or emotions you were experiencing, but instead of breaking free, you became trapped, unable to make the necessary changes. This dream serves as a poignant reminder that it is critical to acknowledge your mistakes and failures in order to learn from them and forge ahead.

Additionally, dreaming of choking can represent the weight of pressure and overwhelm you feel in your waking life. It symbolizes a sense of being constrained by a particular situation or person, leaving you powerless to make choices or take decisive action. This dream suggests that you may find yourself in a seemingly hopeless state of mind or circumstances, which can create a profound sense of unease and uncertainty.

Moreover, this dream may be indicative of feeling burdened and challenged when forced into certain obligations or pursuits. The stress and anxiety you experience stem from the fear of not knowing whether these endeavors will ultimately succeed or fail. In such instances, the dream serves as a gentle nudge to clear your mind, allowing you to find clarity and regain a sense of control before moving forward with your responsibilities and decisions.

In summary, dreaming of choking combines the themes of regret and pressure, encouraging you to confront your past mistakes while simultaneously reminding you to find mental clarity amidst the overwhelming aspects of your life. Embrace the opportunity to learn from your failures and use them as stepping stones toward a brighter future. Take a moment to relieve the burdens that weigh you down, enabling you to approach your obligations and choices with renewed purpose and confidence.


Having a dream where you are being strangled or where you tried to strangle yourself might seem terrible and disturbing, however, you will need to keep calm and make your prayers to God because only he can reveal what the biblical meaning of being strangled in dream could mean. If you cant seem to relate any of the meanings to your dream, you can always ask your spiritual head for spiritual guidance, although, I am pretty sure that what you need is in the word of God.


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