Amber Biblical Meaning: Color Symbolism

Today will be doing something different from the typical dream symbolism or object symbolism we normally cover. Today, we’d be looking at color symbolism. The Bible is full of different colors and shades ranging from white to red to crimson and so many others.

Specifically, we’d be looking at the color Amber and trying to decipher what it means biblically. Now, it’s important to understand that the color Amber itself is a pretty color. True to its name, Amber is an earthy tone found in abundance throughout Nature. This color instills feelings of confidence and safety while energizing and embracing people with its warmth. Read on as we explore more meanings about this color. 

What Does Amber Mean in the Bible? 

Throughout the numerous books of the Bible, colors and numbers are employed figuratively, and this symbolism extends to amber as well. In biblical context, amber signifies the Presence of God, fiery passion, wisdom, and God’s anointing, as described in Ezekiel 1:4.

Presence of God 

The first meaning of the word Amber that we will be looking at is the presence of God from the Bible. There’s no other place in scriptures where this is more clearly spelt than in the book of Ezekiel 1:4.

As I looked, I saw a great storm coming from the north, driving before it a huge cloud that flashed with lightning and shone with brilliant light. There was fire inside the cloud, and in the middle of the fire glowed something like gleaming amber.

Ezekiel 1:4 NLT

In this passage Ezekiel is introduced to a magnificent vision of what the Bible refers to as the four living beasts. From this very account we can use that the color amber is related to God Almighty. In other translations of the Bible like the KJV, this color is called burnished brass which symbolizes the judgment of God Almighty.

Fiery Passion 

Another meaning of color Amber is fiery passion. Driving hours in friends from the same as equal 1:4 we can see that in this version god appears like a consuming fire and the amber originates a sense of intense heat and forever.

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This representation emphasizes the passionate nature of God and his burning desire to judge sin, anoint his people and to preserve his chosen ones. Consequently we can say that the color Amber is also a call to carry the same passion and zeal and fervor that God carries.

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While the direct mention of amber as a symbol of wisdom is not explicitly stated, its significance can be inferred through related biblical passages. 

Wisdom is frequently portrayed as a precious and valuable attribute throughout the Bible. Amber’s rich, golden hue conveys the idea of preciousness and enlightenment. Additionally, its connection to the Presence of God (Ezekiel 1:4) signifies divine insight and understanding. As such, amber is linked symbolically to wisdom, reminding believers of the importance of seeking divine knowledge and discernment in their spiritual journey. 

God’s Anointing 

Again if we drew our analysis from Ezekiel 1:4 it’s easy to understand how the color Amber can represent God’s anointing. Although this color is not specifically mentioned in relation to a mountain by the time we see these majestic flying beings in Ezekiel 1:4 with amber hued colors, it’s obvious that they couldn’t do this without the anointing of God.

This connection to God’s presence and His chosen ones being anointed in various scriptures reinforces the association of amber with God’s anointing. It serves as a reminder of the divine calling and empowerment that comes from God, urging believers to seek His guidance and favor in their lives.

Psychological Meaning Of the Color Amber 

Let us discuss some psychological meanings of the Colour Amber. This is to say we are going to discuss how this color relates to what’s happening in our minds and in our mental lives. 


Although the color Amber has an earthy essence, it is by no means boring or drab. By its very essence it possesses a lively and dynamic nature. 

Simply put the color inspires active engagement but also provides a sense of security and comfort. Take for instance in traffic lights this color when it comes on tell the driver to stay vigilant but not to panic.

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Its ability to strike this balance is a testament to its versatility and ability to convey meaningful messages effectively.

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Confidence and Safety 

Because the color Amber has warm and inviting tones, it can help you feel more secure and protected. Basically, this calm color helps you develop a sense of safety. Which is why it is used a lot in traffic lights.

Take for instance a lot of the appearance of Amber hued colors like in the traffic lights that we just mentioned, sunsets even Brown hued papers all communicate a feeling of safety and Peace don’t you think so? 


Since amber has been a very popular decorative color since the 1970s, it should come as no surprise that it denotes maturity (and perhaps a bygone era). 

By focusing on our roots and history, it can inspire us to put aside immature, childish impulses and work to become our most evolved selves. Although it may not be the most popular color, it has its advantages.

Amber pushes aside feelings of insecurity and jealousy, making her especially helpful to have around when you’re trying to foster relationships. It appears to feed everything it touches instead.

The Natural World 

Amber is an abundant color in nature and is an earthy tone true to its name. It should come as no surprise that it complements neutral tones and greens. 

Early in the fall, as they look through the green trees, imagine the first bursts of autumnal foliage. 

Amber encourages each of us to become who we were meant to be by establishing a connection to the earth and all of its stability and beauty.

Inner Wisdom

Another interesting meaning of the color Amber is that it denotes inner wisdom. This color is highly associated with fossils and the ancient world thus making it a powerful conduit to connect with something deeper and older than our individual selves. 

This connection also resonates with us deeply which is why we often use amber as a decor in our surroundings – gift serves to remind us of the vast knowledge accumulated over countless generations. 

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Negative Meanings of Amber 

In order to balance this article and show that amber does not always have a positive connotation, let’s now talk about some of its negative connotations. 

As a result, we should always consider the emotions that are evoked to determine whether to interpret the color amber positively or negatively. 


Since amber is typically associated with caution and warning, it can also represent hesitancy and frustration. Unlike the outright danger that red represents, this color can signify an uneasy, frustrating feeling. Consider traffic lights. The color amber serves as a transition from go to stop and from stop to go. Depending on the traffic, this transition can take some time, which can be interpreted as a delay for impatient drivers. 

Additionally, the warm and intense hue of the color might arouse restlessness, reflecting the unsettling feelings experienced during times of frustration. Because of its associations with temporary pauses and cautionary moments, the color amber effectively conveys the anxiety and impatience that come with difficult or unresolved situations.

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The color Amber can denote edginess through its unique blend of warmth and intensity. Its deep golden tone carries a sense of boldness and individuality, setting it apart from more conventional colors. Amber’s association with the natural world, particularly fossilized resin, adds a mysterious and ancient touch, contributing to its edgy symbolism.

Moreover, Amber’s rarity and unconventional presence in modern aesthetics give it an exclusive and non-conformist allure. When used in fashion, design, or art, Amber can evoke a daring and rebellious spirit, representing a departure from the ordinary and a willingness to embrace one’s distinctive style. Its edgy connotations make it an appealing choice for those seeking to express their uniqueness and break away from traditional norms.


So finally, amber is a great color with many meanings as we have seen. While its best interpretation may be dependent on your own unique circumstances and situation. There’s no gainsaying that most of the time, the omen is good. 

An appearance of amber is usually seen as a call to pursue godly virtues like gentleness, humbleness and self control. So, next time you see this color (or thinking of a good interior decor color), know that you’re being encouraged towards godly living. 

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